Online Music Lessons

I provide online music lessons to aspiring musicians. With my experience as a singer and music producer, I can help your refine your practice sessions and improve more than ever before. Guided practice is the best way to get better at a craft. I will provide you with practice habits that you will jumpstart your progress. 

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Lessons We Offer

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Guitar Lessons

Online Guitar Lessons designed for you child to make the most of their curiosity! Your child will learn how to strum along to their favorite songs, all while learning ear training, music theory, and much more!

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Voice Lessons

Online Vocal Lessons tailor made for your child to grow their voice and confidence! We’ll give them the tools they need to unlock their true singing and speaking voice, giving them the confidence to live their best life!

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Piano Lessons

Online Piano Lessons that encourage brain growth, music learning, and fun! We make learning the piano fun so your child develops into loving to play! Our intuitive programs guide kids through musical training that grow their ears, fingers, and knowledge!

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Songwriting Lessons

Online Songwriting Lessons that outline exactly what your child needs to do in order to improve. They’ll learn songwriting skills like, song arrangement, rhyme schemes, and poetic concepts — all while learning about the music theory behind it so they can craft their own masterpieces!

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Music Production Lessons

Online Music Production lessons that provide world class instruction and guidance. Not only will child get access to industry professional to help them learn the craft, they will learn all of the helpful tips and tricks that mainstream producers use along the way, so they can create their own awesome tracks!