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About Us

Our Production Crew and Story

Meet the Crew.


Head Audio Engineer and Teacher

Hometown: Chicago, Illinois

Meet Kyle, the Chicago-born creative dynamo behind the compelling digital content at Music by Mattie. His vast musical knowledge and knack for tech help him craft content that strikes a chord with all music enthusiasts. From gear reviews to artist interviews, Kyle’s dedication transforms Music by Mattie into a trusted platform for the music production community.


Owner and Founder

Hometown: Colorado Springs, CO

Meet Mattie, the leader of the bunch and the grandfather of Music by Mattie. Fueled by his determination to spread the love of music, Mattie put together his team and paved new grounds for music education and production. Mattie oversees all of the inter workings of the company, dipping his hand in producing, planning, creating, and teaching.


Head of Content Creation

Hometown: Chennai, India

Meet Shubham – one of the men behind Music by Mattie’s groundbreaking digital content. Born and raised in the vibrant lands of India, Shubham brings a unique blend of musical knowledge and technical expertise to our platform. His approach to content creation transcends traditional boundaries, weaving together threads of melody, rhythm, and technology into a digital tapestry that’s accessible and inspiring.

Our Story

Let’s rewind to the heartwarming story of a kid named Mattie. Picture this: he’s ten years old, sitting cross-legged in front of a battered old piano in his grandma’s living room. Grandma Mavis, the matriarch of melody, was a former church pianist with fingers that danced on the keys like Fred Astaire on a shiny stage…

For Mattie, that piano, its keys worn and its surface faded, was a portal into another world. A world where he could craft stories, unleash emotions, and control the atmosphere, all by pressing down on those magical white and black keys.

Fast forward a few decades, and that once quiet boy named Mattie, armed with his arsenal of musical wisdom and a deep passion for sharing it, founded this wonderful ecosystem we call Music By Mattie.

he antithesis to those mind-numbing, cookie-cutter music education systems. We don’t do boring. We don’t do predictable. What we do is immersive, interactive, and insatiably interesting.

Located in Denver, Colorado, our ethos is simple. We believe that every person is a potential maestro. All they need are the right tools, the right environment, and a dash of inspiration. We deliver all that, right at your fingertips, both physically in Denver and virtually across the globe.

What makes us different? We see music not just as a hobby, but as a language that everyone should have the privilege to speak. It’s a medium of self-expression that should be accessible to all. Because, hey, we all have a song within us. It’s high time it had a chance to play.

We offer comprehensive music lessons online and in-person, spanning across all styles, genres, and skill levels. But our services aren’t limited to lessons. We also provide full-scale music production services. From composition and arrangement to mixing and mastering, we’ve got your musical journey covered from A to Z.

Yet, at the heart of Music By Mattie, we’re more than a service. We are a thriving, humming, vibrant community. A hub where musicians from all walks of life, from every corner of the globe, meet, interact, and evolve together.

So, are you ready to transform your musical dreams into reality?

Let’s hit the right notes. Together.

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