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The 7 Best Vocal Presets for FL Studio! (2023 Update)

In the world of music production, finding your unique sound can be a journey filled with both discovery and challenge. The path to producing extraordinary tracks often lies in the tools you use – and when it comes to FL Studio, vocal presets are one such powerful tool that can help shape your sound.

“Your tools are extensions of your creative vision. They can be the difference between a song that’s merely good and one that’s truly memorable.” – Mattie

Discovering the right presets is akin to finding the perfect spices for a gourmet dish. They add flavor, texture, and depth, transforming an average track into a captivating piece of music. That’s why we’re bringing you an ultimate round-up of the 7 best vocal presets for FL Studio.

Whether you’re a novice producer experimenting with sounds or a seasoned veteran looking to break the mold, these presets will empower you to craft vocals that resonate with your audience and express your unique musical vision.

Stay tuned as we delve into this exciting journey, exploring the unique features of each vocal preset, and understanding how they can help shape your sound in FL Studio. Buckle up for a sonic adventure!

And here’s a video of yours truly talking about these same presets.

Rysup Audio Vocal Preset for FL Studio

Rysup Audio is renowned in the music industry for its high-quality audio tools, and their vocal preset for FL Studio is no exception.

Rysup Audio’s vocal preset stands out for its versatility, offering a broad spectrum of effects. Whether you want to add depth and warmth to your vocals or enhance the crispness and clarity of the vocal track, this preset has you covered.


  • Versatility: The preset offers an extensive range of effects, allowing you to tweak and adjust according to your needs.
  • Ease of use: Rysup Audio’s preset is easy to implement, making it a great choice for both beginners and seasoned producers.
  • Quality: The preset delivers a high-quality output, adding a professional touch to your vocal tracks.


  • Not for Every Genre: This preset is great for the majority of music, but it won’t work with everything.
  • One-size-fits-all approach: While the preset is versatile, it might not fit every musical style. Some customization might be required to achieve your desired sound.


Given its versatility, ease of use, and the quality it brings to your tracks, we’re giving Rysup Audio’s Vocal Preset a solid 8.3 out of 10. Despite its minor drawbacks, it’s a powerful tool that can help elevate your music production skills



Baywood Audio Vocal Presets

Finding the right vocal presets can be a turning point in your music production journey. With that in mind, today we turn the spotlight onto Baywood Audio’s vocal presets for FL Studio.

Baywood Audio is known for its quality audio tools, and their vocal presets have been crafted with both the beginner and experienced music producer in mind.

Baywood Audio’s vocal presets make use of stock plugins, which means you don’t need expensive third-party plugins to achieve that professional sound. These presets have been designed to elevate the quality of your vocals, offering a level of refinement and finesse that can make a real difference to your tracks.


  • Accessibility: Making use of stock plugins, these presets are accessible to everyone, regardless of their budget.
  • Variety: Baywood offers a variety of vocal presets, allowing you to experiment with different sounds and effects.
  • Ease of use: These presets are simple to implement into your music production workflow, making them suitable for both novices and experts.


  • Limited Selection: Baywood Audio’s presets are great, but there’s not a lot of them!
  • Lack of advanced effects: Since these presets use stock plugins, some advanced vocal effects may not be achievable.


Considering the accessibility, variety, and ease of use offered by Baywood Audio’s vocal presets, we rate them a solid 8.9 out of 10. Their limitation to FL Studio and lack of advanced effects are minor drawbacks when you consider the value they bring to your music production process.



“A great vocal preset doesn’t just improve your sound—it transforms the way your music communicates and connects with listeners.” – Mattie

Music By Mattie's Free FL Preset

In the world of music production, having a unique signature sound is the holy grail. It’s the differentiator that sets your music apart. And today, we’re excited to review our very own vocal preset for FL Studio—Music By Mattie’s Free FL Preset.

“Creating music isn’t just about playing the right notes—it’s about capturing the right emotions and vibes. Our tools are crafted with this ethos in mind.” – Mattie

At Music By Mattie, we’re passionate about helping music producers create tracks that inspire and captivate. Our FL Studio vocal preset focuses on enhancing the warmth and depth of your vocals, all the while preserving the natural nuances of the human voice.


  • Warmth and Depth: This preset is designed to enhance the warmth and depth of your vocals, giving your tracks a more professional and polished sound.
  • Ease of use: Just like our other products, this preset is user-friendly and easy to implement, making it suitable for beginners and experienced producers alike.
  • Preserving Natural Nuances: While many presets alter the voice significantly, ours works to enhance the natural characteristics of the vocal, preserving its authenticity.


  • Limited Versatility: The preset is excellent for adding warmth and depth but might not cater to producers seeking drastically different sound effects.
  • FL Studio Specific: This preset is designed exclusively for FL Studio users. If you’re using multiple DAWs, this may limit its application. (We also have a preset available for Logic as well!)


Balancing the pros and cons, we’re confident in giving Music By Mattie’s Free FL Preset a rating of 9.1 out of 10. While it might not cater to all stylistic preferences, its focus on enhancing the natural warmth and depth of vocals makes it a valuable tool in any music producer’s arsenal.



Keywav Vocal Presets

In the dynamic landscape of music production, the power of a top-tier vocal preset cannot be understated. In this review, we’re turning our focus towards Keywav’s vocal presets for FL Studio.

Keywav is a name recognized by many in the music industry, known for its premium sound products that promise to amplify your music creation process.

Keywav’s vocal presets are designed with an emphasis on flexibility and diversity. They allow producers to shape and mold their vocals, adding a unique layer of sound that enhances the overall musical composition.


  • Flexibility: Keywav’s presets offer an extensive range of effects, letting you tweak and adjust your sound to fit your desired style.
  • Quality: These presets are known for delivering a high-quality sound, adding a polished touch to your vocal tracks.
  • Ease of Use: Keywav’s presets are user-friendly, making them a great addition to both beginners and seasoned producers’ toolkits.


  • Compatibility: These presets are exclusively for FL Studio, which could limit its usage if you’re working with multiple DAWs.
  • Requires Familiarity: To fully utilize the flexibility of these presets, you’ll need a good understanding of sound effects and how to manipulate them.


Given its flexibility, quality, and ease of use, we’re rating Keywav’s Vocal Presets a strong 7.6 out of 10. The requirement of some technical familiarity is a small hurdle to jump when considering the creative possibilities these presets unlock.


Vocal Presets' Big Drip

Music is a language that transcends boundaries, and as a producer, you’re its author. The right vocal presets can empower you to write masterpieces. Today, we’re putting the spotlight on Vocal Presets’ Big Drip for FL Studio.

Vocal Presets has a reputation for delivering impactful vocal tools, and the Big Drip preset is no exception.

Big Drip from Vocal Presets is designed to add that extra flair to your vocals, providing an enhanced depth and richness. It’s an excellent tool for producers looking to give their tracks a standout vocal performance.


  • Richness: Big Drip adds an unmistakable richness to your vocals, setting your tracks apart.
  • Quality: As with all Vocal Presets products, you can expect a high-quality output that will elevate your music.
  • Variety: This preset comes with a variety of settings, letting you customize your vocals to suit your desired sound.


  • FL Studio Specific: Big Drip, like our other presets, is designed exclusively for FL Studio, which may limit its use if you work with multiple DAWs.
  • May Require Tweaking: To achieve the best sound, you may need to adjust the preset settings to match your specific vocals, which may require a bit of sound editing knowledge.


Balancing the richness, quality, and variety offered by Vocal Presets’ Big Drip, we’re happy to give it a rating of 8.1 out of 10. Despite its FL Studio specificity and the possible need for adjustments, it’s an excellent tool that adds depth to any track.



WA Production Vocal Presets

Creating music is a journey of discovering your unique voice. The right vocal preset serves as a compass on that journey, guiding you towards your sonic destination. Today, we dive into WA Production’s vocal presets for FL Studio.

WA Production has earned its stripes in the music production arena, known for its quality sound tools that redefine musical possibilities.

“In music production, your choices echo your uniqueness. Choose a vocal preset that resonates with your sound.” – Mattie

WA Production’s vocal presets offer a wide array of sound effects, allowing you to enhance, modify, and experiment with your vocals. They’re a playground for your sonic imagination, pushing the boundaries of what your vocals can achieve.


  • Versatility: These presets offer a range of sound effects, from subtle tweaks to transformative changes, catering to a wide array of musical styles.
  • Quality: As is standard with WA Production, these presets provide a high-quality output, adding a professional touch to your tracks.
  • User-friendly: Designed for ease of use, these presets are straightforward and intuitive, perfect for both novices and experts.


  • Exclusivity: Tailored for FL Studio, these presets may be less useful for those using multiple DAWs.
  • Potential Overwhelming Choices: The vast array of options could be overwhelming for beginners or those who prefer a more streamlined selection.


Considering its versatility, quality, and user-friendly design, we’re giving WA Production’s Vocal Presets a rating of 7.2 out of 10. Even though the selection might be overwhelming for some, the creative possibilities these presets offer more than make up for it.



Rago Art Presets

The art of music production is often about finding your own unique sound amidst the cacophony. A top-notch vocal preset can help you amplify that uniqueness, turning it up to eleven. In this review, we’ll explore Rago Art’s Vocal Presets for FL Studio.

Rago Art is well-regarded in the music production field for their innovative sound solutions, and their vocal presets are no different.

Rago Art’s Vocal Presets offer a diverse selection of effects, providing an extensive toolkit to mold, shape, and enhance your vocals. They’re the magic dust you sprinkle on your vocals to bring your unique sonic vision to life.


  • Diversity: These presets offer a variety of effects, letting you craft your sound to perfection, no matter your style.
  • High-Quality: Rago Art is known for its quality, and these presets uphold that reputation, offering a professional-grade finish to your vocals.
  • User-Friendly: These presets are intuitive and easy to use, making them perfect for both beginners and seasoned producers alike.


  • FL Studio Specific: As with our other featured presets, these are exclusively designed for FL Studio, potentially limiting their use for those who operate across multiple DAWs.
  • Requires Some Knowledge: To fully leverage the diversity of these presets, some understanding of sound manipulation and effects is necessary.


Rago Art’s Vocal Presets earn a well-deserved rating of 6.7 out of 10. While they require some sound editing knowledge to use effectively, their versatility, quality, and user-friendliness make them a valuable addition to any music producer’s toolkit.


Final Thoughts

Choosing the right vocal presets is akin to selecting the colors for your sonic canvas. The presets we’ve explored today – Rysup Audio, Baywood Audio, Music By Mattie’s Free FL Preset, Keywav, Vocal Presets, WA Production, and Rago Art Presets – each offer unique hues to color your music, enhancing and enriching your tracks.

“Your choice of vocal preset isn’t just a tool; it’s a key. A key to unlock your unique sonic identity.” – Mattie

As we close this exploration of the 7 best vocal presets for FL Studio, remember that the ‘best’ preset is subjective. It’s not about finding the most popular or most expensive, but discovering the one that best resonates with your unique sound.

Experiment, explore, and let your creativity guide your choice. Because in music production, just as in life, it’s the journey of discovery that truly counts.

Tune in, turn up, and find the vocal presets that allow your sonic identity to shine through. Your sound awaits.

Our Picks

Our #1 Pick: MB Mattie



Thanks for reading! If you still need help, check out my Free Vocal Presets for Logic Pro X that will get your vocals sounding amazing in no time!!

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