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The 7 Ways Producers Can Earn Money [& Two More!]

The 7 Ways that Music Producers Can Earn Money

Key Takeaways:

  • You CAN make money with Music Production
  • Sell music related products or beats
  • Teach Music Production

Are you a music producer who wants to make a living doing what you love while still pursuing your passion?


No need to look any further.


In this piece, we will discuss seven tried-and-true methods that will help you increase your revenue while also monetizing your expertise in music production. These strategies can help you unlock your earning potential and achieve success in the music business. Whether you want to sell beats online or license your music for use in cinema and television, these tips will get you there. Continue reading if you want to discover how to generate money as a music producer; you won’t want to pass up this helpful information.


Here are the 7 Steps:

  1. Sell Beats Online
  2. Increase the Reach of your Production Services
  3. Create Music Bundles
  4. License Your Music for TV and Film
  5. Teach Music Production
  6. Team Up With Other Artists
  7. Consider Crowdsourcing

Start making money with Music Production today

1. Sell Beats Online

Music producers have a great opportunity to capitalize on their talents while also expanding their fan base when they sell beats online. Because of the proliferation of internet music platforms, it is now simpler than it has ever been to sell beats directly to musicians and other music producers.

Beatstars is now among the most well-known internet marketplaces for the purchase and sale of instrumental tracks. Beatstars is an online platform that allows recording artists and singers across the world to sell goods their beats to other musical artists as well as singers. Users may upload unique rhythms on Beatstars.com. Using such offers its consumers a wide range of services, including customized beating licenses, automated agreement development through computers, and access to a big network of artists and record companies.

Recording artists may also monetize their tracks on the online market known as Airbit, which is another option for them. Airbit is a platform for tracks that offers producers complete authority over the marketing and distribution of any tracks they post to the platform. Music producers now can personalize their shops, choose their pricing, and retain the whole of the cash generated from their sales thanks to Airbit.

Another site that allows music producers to sell their beats online is called Traktrain. Traktrain can assist producers in reaching a larger audience by providing them with a variety of features, such as quick delivery, individualized licensing, and an integrated promotion system. 

It is vital to have a strong brand identity and marketing plan to sell beats effectively online. This may be done by creating a website. This requires the production of beats of high quality that stand out from the competition, the establishment of a powerful presence on social media, and networking with artists and other producers working within the business.

Offering tracks online is eventually an excellent way to enable recording artists to leverage their talent and also have their tracks recognized by a bigger audience.

2. Increasing The Reach Of Your Production Services

Offering your producing talents to musicians and organizations that require monetary help is among the most common ways for musicians to make money. As a performer, you may assist other musicians and songwriters with a wide variety of tasks such as producing, recording, writing, modifying, and so much more. The attainment can assist you in doing this by operating a successful company even while optimizing your opportunities to teach others.

  • Create your own identity that enables you to highlight your abilities and experience. It is critical to demonstrate your expertise and talents to grow your core audience.

A personal network must feature samples of your existing works, such as songs, soundtracks, and other performing acts you’ve performed. You may display your work by creating a website that serves as a portfolio, or you can utilize social media networks such as Instagram or SoundCloud.

  • Establish Transparent Fee Structures and Procedures: It is essential, before beginning to provide manufacturing services, to establish transparent fee structures and procedures. After you’ve settled on the hourly or contractual cost, make sure all prospective customers are aware of it. You must define modification rules, timetables, and payment terms. Artists require a strong devotion to oneself.
  • Participating in neighborhood performances: Linking free streaming discussions on social networking sites, and collaborating with other artists can all assist you to broaden your audience. Referrals from satisfied customers are a great way to bring in new customers.
  • Use Social Media: Music producers have a tremendous resource at their disposal in the form of social media to promote their services. You may share your work, communicate with followers, and make connections with future customers by using social media sites such as Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.
  • Consider Providing Tailored Services: If you want to differentiate yourself from the other producers out there, you should think about providing tailored services. You may, for instance, provide artists with individualized comments on their composition or coaching sessions to assist them in developing their abilities further.
  • Always Strive to Offer Great Customer Service: It is crucial to provide excellent customer service while attempting to create long-term connections with customers. Be sure to communicate in a way that is easily understood, swiftly reply to messages, and go the extra mile to fulfill the requirements of your customers.

To summarize, giving production talents again for the songs of many other musicians constitutes one of the most effective methods for songwriters to create income for themselves. Constructing a good career as a recording artist needs this same form of a social profile, the organization of translucent prices as well as regulations, the production of connections with some other songwriters, the use of the online mainstream press, the requirement of personalized offerings, as well as the distribution of excellent client service. In addition, a famous music production company must provide excellent client service.

3. Create Sample Packages And Music Bundles That Are Specific To Your Production

The creation and sale of test packages and sound bundles are among the most lucrative ways for a recording artist to create income, and as such, it ought to rank among your top goals to pursue this line of work. Such packages give other creators access to a comprehensive library of soundtracks, melodies, or each that they may include in their creations. In this part, we will examine the steps involved in creating example packages and sound bundles, in addition to how you can market these works online. Furthermore, we will cover the several ways in which you can market such compositions.

Before you can get begin creating your music bundle, you would need to choose the different types of music that fall under each category. You do have the option of either making use of your recordings, producing private label audio or acquiring license examples via online markets. It is essential to double-verify that every audio you utilize was fully registered by the appropriate authorities and that authorization has indeed been obtained to use them in a professional environment.

After you finally have all of your sounds, the next step is to compile them into a bundle. You may establish a folder structure for your sounds and arrange them into categories using software like Ableton Live or FL Studio. Drum, bassline, and synths are a few samples of instruments that fall under this category. If you add information to a clip, that includes the rhythm, and tone, as well as a description of both the audio, customers will have a significantly easier time finding the audio they seek.

As soon as you’ve completed the production of your package, it’s indeed time to begin marketing it. You have the option of selling your sample pack on your website as well as through third-party internet marketplaces such as Splice or Loopmasters. Since the distribution, promotion, and processing of payments are all handled by these platforms on your behalf, you can concentrate on developing further packs.

It is essential that you efficiently sell your sample pack if you want to boost your chances of being successful. You may market your pack and highlight its quality of it by showcasing it on internet forums, social media platforms, and YouTube. You may also give them a taste of what’s included inside the product by providing free samples or demo versions.

In the end, the creation and sale of sample packs and sound kits may be an excellent method for music creators to generate money while simultaneously offering value to other music artists. You will be able to make a consistent stream of money by producing high-quality packs according to these recommendations for best practices and techniques.

4. License Your Music To Be Used In Films, Television Programs, and Adverts

If you’re a professional musician who would like to earn cash out of your songs, among the options that you may pursue that have a good likelihood of succeeding is to license your songs for usage in films, tv programs, and advertising. Filmmakers, TV producers, and marketers are continuously looking for high-quality music that can improve their projects because they recognize that music is a crucial component of any audio-visual endeavor. In this section, we will talk about the advantages of licensing your music as well as the steps you need to do to get started.

Why Should Your Music Be Licensed for Use in Cinema, Television, and Commercials? 

Obtaining a license for your music to be used in movies, television shows, or advertisements may bring several advantages, including the following:

  • Publicity: Getting your work included in an established film or television program may offer you a substantial level of visibility to a broader audience. This can be beneficial for your career. This may assist you in expanding your fandom, which in turn can improve the likelihood that music companies or musical directors will take any notice of your work. Publicity ranks among the most essential components of becoming successful in the recording industry.
  • Royalties: You have the potential to earn rewards whenever the final version is shown on the network or broadcast live if your music has been granted permission to be utilized in a large-scale production, such as a film, tv program, or other kinds of production that is profitable. If your songs are well appreciated and the licensing arrangements are properly set up, this could lead to a steady flow of income for yourself.
  • Innovative Opportunities: Having your songs authorized may allow you to pursue several innovative opportunities, such as the possibility to collaborate with professionals in the film, television, and marketing industries along with the ability to try out various compositions and approaches.

How Do You Get Your Music Approved for Cinema, TV, and Commercial Use?

You can follow the procedures listed below to obtain a license for your composition to have it utilized in movies, tv series, or advertisements:

  • You need to take action to establish a collection of your artistic activity that demonstrates your prowess as a musician. Powerful tunes should be on your portfolio. You may either produce demonstration reels for yourself by publishing your songs to online platforms.
  • Networking is essential if you want to get the pros in the music business to take notice of your work. Meet filmmakers, TV producers, and music supervisors by participating in industry events such as film festivals, music conferences, and other similar gatherings.
  • Music Collections, License Organizations, and Film Studios: Send your content to music collections, license organizations, and producing firms that specialize in acquiring musicals for cinema, television, and advertisements.
  • Agreements Should Be Negotiated: Whenever you receive a license proposal, be certain that you comprehend the conditions and negotiate the most favorable price for yourselves. Be certain that you are adequately compensated and that you keep the copyright of your song.

To summarize, authorizing your material for cinema, television, and advertisements may be an excellent method to generate income and acquire notoriety as a recording artist. It takes some effort, connections, and negotiating, yet it may be a very lucrative profession if done properly.

5. Teaching Music Production

Teaching others how to make music is a great method for established music producers to monetize their expertise while also assisting others who are just starting in the industry. There are several chances for music producers to share their knowledge and skills, and these opportunities may take the form of online courses, video tutorials, or even one-on-one instruction.

Online learning sites such as Udemy, Skillshare, and Teachable are among the most effective venues for instructing students in music production. With these platforms, you will be able to develop and sell your courses to users all around the world. You have control over the subject matter, duration, and cost of your course, making it simpler to appeal to students of varying skill levels and financial means.

Another common method of teaching music creation is via the development of video lessons. You may publish your how-to videos on social media sites such as Instagram or TikTok, or you can start your channel on YouTube. This strategy has the potential to be an excellent method for gaining awareness and building your brand, particularly if you reveal manufacturing processes that are original and inventive.

If you would rather take a more individualized approach, you might provide one-on-one mentoring or coaching services to your clients. This is something that may be accomplished via the use of Internet video conferencing applications such as Zoom or Skype. You are free to choose your fees and timetable, and each of your students may have their coaching sessions customized to match their unique requirements.

It is essential to have an in-depth knowledge of the subject area you are teaching to be a great music production instructor. Moreover, it is necessary to have strong communication and teaching abilities. You should be able to communicate complicated ideas in a manner that is straightforward to grasp, and you should also be able to provide your pupils with constructive criticism and direction.

In addition, for music producers who want to share their expertise with others in a manner that is both rewarding and lucrative, teaching people how to make music might be an excellent option. It is now less difficult than it has ever been to develop and market your courses, tutorials, and consulting services.

6. Team Up With Such A Large Number Of Artists

Collaboration with other artists on productions is an excellent method for recording artists wishing to widen their creative perspectives and enhance their professions. Collaborating with other artists lets you discover new talents, experiment with a larger range of musical genres, and write songs that are more diverse and engaging as a consequence.

Collaborating with other musicians not just to expands your chances of connecting with fresh viewers, but also helps you grow your present fan base. Whenever you cooperate with other musicians, both of your works are shared with admirers of the other artist’s work. You may be able to raise your profile in the music business and attract more fans by participating in cross-promotional activities. Reach out to musicians whose work you appreciate or who produce music that is stylistically comparable to your own as a first step in forming creative partnerships with other artists. 

Collaborating with other artists is ultimately a terrific chance for recording artists to expand their connections, enhance their reputation, and develop creative musical compositions. When you work together, you will indeed be capable of instructing and being educated through one another, you will indeed be capable of exchanging your skills, and you’ll be able to create songs that are unique and intriguing.

7. Consider Investing In Crowdsourcing

Recording artists are using crowdsourcing more and more often to secure cash for their artistic projects. By using this method, you may get the money musicians to need for your production without depending on traditional sources of funding like music companies or financiers. Alternatively, one can receive it from your followers and other admirers.

Due to the growth of websites, starting a fundraising site is now easier. Below is a list of tips to assist you in effectively fundraising your recording works:

  • Ensure that the funding goal is realistic: Ensure that the financial objective is simultaneously doable and realistic once you set it. Consider all of the expenses involved in creating the initiatives, including the price of studio sessions, the price of the necessary tools, and the price of advertising.
  • Create a Powerful Promotional Video: A marketing film is a fantastic way to attract potential allies and advertise your initiative. You must create an engaging promotional video for your project to be successful. Make sure your video is of top standard, has a way of looking, and offers a clear description of your initiative as well as its goals.
  • Offer Incentives to Others: Offering people incentives for their financial support of your cause is a great way to get them to donate. Advanced accessibility to their songs, signed merchandise, or personalized value notes are a few instances of distinctive items you might offer in return for additional funding.
  • You Must Market Your Initiative: You should advertise your promotion on a variety of websites, social networking sites, and musical forums. Put an effort to remain in contact with your allies so that you may let them know about the initiative and ask them to tell their connections about it.
  • Maintain Communication with Your Backers: It is important to maintain communication with your supporters both throughout your campaign and after it has concluded. Share some film from behind the scenes with them, update them on the status of the project, and express your gratitude for the support they have provided.

Ultimately, crowdfunding is a terrific method to interact with your followers and fans while also providing a financial option for your music production endeavors. You can effectively generate finances and offer your music to the world if you have the proper approach and execute it in the right way.

Final Verdict

When it comes to generating money as a music producer, the opportunities are almost limitless; but, if you have the appropriate approach and frame of mind, you can transform your hobby into a successful profession. We have examined seven tried-and-true methods through which music producers may monetize their expertise and increase their income. These methods range from crowdsourcing your projects to selling beats online. You have the potential to achieve success in the music business and live out your ambition of working as a music producer full-time if you put these recommendations into action and maintain your focus on your objectives. What exactly are you looking forward to? You may unleash your full earning potential as a music producer by getting started right now by putting these methods into action.

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