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We Teach Kids How to sound Amazing Singing!

The best online Singing lessons for kids - Where kids are Guaranteed to have fun and Develop their Brain through Music!

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Learn Their Favorite Songs

Master Singing Basics like Matching Pitch and Vibrato

Improve Their Test Scores

Impress Their Friends and Family

Grow Their Creativity

All From the Comfort of Your Home!

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What Parents Like You Are Saying.

"He is very professional. I will work with him in the future with my baby grandson. I'm going to tell everyone I know about him to get him more students cause he deserves it!"
Smiling Young Kid
Xavien's Grandma
8 Years Old - Piano
"Mattie is an awesome guy to work with, really dives deep into what you want to learn about, whether that be guitar, piano, singing, music production, songwriting, and a lot more. I always look forward to our lessons, he is a huge help to my progress in music!"
Smiling Kid
13 Years Old - Piano, Guitar, Music Production
"It's very nice to work with him. Mattie is very co-operative and caring with my daughter."
smiling preteen
Olivia's Mom
9 Years Old - Vocals
"Mattie is the best in the business. Would definitely recommend him!"
Smiling young kid
Daisy's Dad
8 Years Old - Piano
"He's a great teacher, really goes into detail about everything you want to know. 10/10 Super fun to work with."
Serious teenager
16 Years Old - Piano, Vocals
"Amazing. Outstanding Experience."
kid looking at his fingers while playing acoustic guitar
Justin's Mom
12 Years Old - Guitar

We Know Your Child Will:

  • Have Fun!

    Our Team specializes in Kid's Singing Lessons! We know what it takes for kids to have fun!

  • Get Excited about Music!

    With our emphasize on fun and learning, kids are always excited to come back for more!

  • Increase Their Brain Power!

    It sounds crazy, but studies have shown that kids that learn to play a musical instrument or learn to sing have demonstrated higher test scores, IQ, and problem solving skills!

And if your Child doesn't love singing after the first month...

We will refund all your lessons!

Open the Door to a Bigger Brain for Your Child!