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How Do Recording Studios Make Money?

How Do Recording Studios Make Money?

Key Takeaways:

  • Recording Studios sell music services
  • Recording studios can look very different from each other
  • Recording studios can rent space, equipment, or even engineers

If you’re still looking for some more information on how recording studios pay the bills, then here are 10 ways that they can make money!


  1. Audio Engineering Services
  2. Music Production and Compositions
  3. Mixing and Mastering
  4. Editing and Tuning
  5. Voice-Overs
  6. Post Production/ Soundtracks for TV and Film
  7. Recording Studio Rental Fees + Equipment Hire
  8. Songwriting Collaborations
  9. Live Rehearsal Space Rentals
  10. Merchandise Sales

“Quality is not an act, but a habit.” – Aristotle

1. Audio Engineering Services

Audio engineering is the practice of using the expensive equipment that studios have and getting the best sound possible. Audio engineering services can involve recording, equalization, compression, and more. A good audio engineer has a great understanding of their arsenal of microphones, their room acoustics, and what the artist wants to sound like. Using their years of experience, they can help bring out the best in people’s tracks!

And because they require so much knowledge, they can be expensive! But a good audio engineer is worth their weight in gold!

2. Music Production and Composition

Recording studios often house talented musicians and producers themselves. When they aren’t working directly with client, some recording studios let their engineers make their own music to sell! Some recording studios strike deals with record labels with certain song or beat requirements.

Artists can also commission recording studios (some of them) to make a beat or song for them. They might have an idea that they can’t quite get to sound good, but they can pay for production services from the studio!

3. Mixing & Mastering

Some recording studios make money by also offering mixing and mastering services. Though the most well known studios for mixing and mastering are completely separate from recording studios, there are some studios that offer it as a service

4. Editing and Tuning

Recording studios can also offer some more detailed sound work like editing, tuning, and sound design. Editing and tuning are most often associated with vocals. Going through a fully recorded vocal and editing every breath and tuning every note can be a tedious task. Most people don’t have the patience, knowledge, or software on how to do it so they commission it to the pros!

5. Voice-overs

Because a recording studio has access to high quality microphones and pre-amps, they’re ready to record any and all audio! Sometimes that’s a singer, but sometimes it’s just a voice over! Recording studios that specialize in voice overs may have an in-house employee dedicated to delivering all of the related orders they get!

6. Post Production/Soundtracks for Film & TV

Post production and sound tracks for film and TV can take a lot of work. Many of the sounds you hear on TV have to be edited in post production. There is a whole industry dedicated to recording foley sounds which are sound effects that are meant to simulate everyday sounds to enhance the realism and atmosphere of a scene.

7. Recording Studio Rental Fees & Equipment Hire

Recording Studios can also rent out the equipment they already have or the space that they already have. Sometimes artist will want the best of the best microphone but aren’t willing to shell out the $12,000 to buy one when they’ll only need it for a day. Renting out this fancy equipment can lead to some great results for the artist and profit for the studio.

Occasionally artist or producers will want to use the recording studio space for themselves or a band. If they have enough know how to go through the studio set-up themselves, then they’ll have access to all of the great equipment that the studio has to offer without having to pay for a audio engineer! They’ll save some money there but studio time is still expensive. Some high-end studios can charge up to $400 an hour just to use their space!

8. Songwriting Collaborations

Another way to make money as a recording studio is through songwriting collaborations. Songwriters can join forces with artists, producers, or other studios to craft songs that not only sound great but have commercial success potential. By working together, different talents can be combined and ideas exchanged in order to create something truly unique and powerful. Having access to different skill sets and perspectives can help elevate any project from good to great!

Not only does it provide an opportunity for growth for everyone involved, but it also brings financial rewards as well. Recording studios often take a cut of the profits from successful collaborations which makes them an invaluable asset when it comes time to write hit songs!

Some recording studios will even charge the songwriters or the record label a fee to use the space in the first place! Double dipping!

9. Live Performance Rehearsal Space Rentals

Live performance rehearsal space rentals are another great way for recording studios to make money. With access to high-quality equipment and soundproofing, many performers need a place to practice their acts before taking it on the road or into the studio. By renting out their space, recording studios can provide musicians with an ideal environment in which they can perfect their craft and prepare for upcoming performances.

Not only does this generate rental income for the studio, but it also helps foster relationships between artists, producers and other industry professionals who may be interested in collaborating on projects down the line. Plus, having live rehearsals at your studio is just one more way of demonstrating how professional and experienced you are as a recording facility!

10. Merchandise Sales

The last way on the list that recording studios can make money is through merchandise sales. Merchandise can be anything from t-shirts or hats with the studio’s logo, to CDs and vinyl records of music produced in the studio. Selling merchandise allows customers to show their support and it gives the studio another stream of income.


There are a lot of ways recording studios can make money. And there’s probably a whole lot more that I didn’t even cover in this article! Studios are constantly looking for new and creative ways to make money and if you ask yourself how to earn money as recording studio enough times, you’ll come up with another whole list of answers!

Thanks for reading! If you still need help, check out my Free Vocal Presets for Logic Pro X that will get your vocals sounding amazing in no time!!

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