Free Vocal Presets for Logic Pro

Logic Pro Free Vocal Presets

Looking for an easy way to up your vocal sound? We’ve got some presets that will be sure to get your mouth watering! And the best part? It’s all for free! 

Give ’em a try now!

How to Use Them!

How to Install

  1. Make sure Logic is installed properly
  2. Open finder and navigate to the users/’yourname’/music folder
  1. Open the Audio Music Apps folder.
  1. Click on Patches. 
  2. Clicke on Audio.
  3. Drag the Vocal Presets there!
  1. Open Logic Pro and add a new audio track.
  1. Click on User Library on the left side panel of Logic.
  1. Click User Patches and you will see your presets.
  1. If you can’t see it, restart your computer.

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